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Underground & Parking Lot Sweeping & Washing Ottawa On

Re-Fresh Your Ottawa Business with Our Parking Lot Cleaning Service

Underground Garage Cleaning 
Garage Sweeping & Scrubbing 

Why does the condition of your parking lot or parking garage matter? It comes down to much more than just appearance. In fact, greasy chemical deposits on asphalt can contribute to early deterioration, resulting in the need for costly parking area repairs.

They can also create slippery spots where customers or employees could potentially fall. And though making a good first impression does matter, the safety of those who frequent your business takes top priority.

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Outside Garage Cleaning Sweeping & Scrubbing 

Whether indoor or outdoor, we will do whatever it takes to make your space clean.


Our mid-sized machines are perfect for your facility, whether it is a parking lot, parking garage, warehouse, shopping mall, apartment building, or even the road outside.

All our machines use FloorSmart® integrated cleaning technology to clean your surface in a single pass.

Our power sweepers and scrubbers are well maintained. We work as quietly as possible, with maximum efficiency, at very competitive prices.

Image by Caleb Rogers

Underground & Parking Lot Sweeping & Washing
Ottawa On

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